Everything you need to know to keep your Winston-Salem area trees safe, beautiful, and healthy all year round.

Close-up of an emerald ash borer climbing the bark of a Winston-Salem ash tree.
Pests & Diseases

5 Common Insect Pests Killing Winston-Salem Trees

Don’t let bugs destroy Winston-Salem’s trees! This guide identifies common insect pests damaging trees in our area, like emerald ash borer and spongy moth, how to recognize signs of infestation, and what you can do to protect or treat your trees.
A new house being built in Winston-Salem with tall trees in the background. Proper planning is important to avoid harming these trees during construction.
Tree Care Tips

5 Ways to Protect Trees from Construction Damage (And Why It’s Necessary)

Planning to build a home, add an extension, or install a pool in Winston-Salem and worried about construction damage to your trees? Learn how to keep your trees healthy during construction so you can enjoy them for years to come.
Close-up of a leaf showing signs of tree disease.
Pests & Diseases

Winston-Salem’s Tree Troubles: A Guide to the 4 Most Common Fatal Tree Diseases

Worried about fatal tree diseases in Winston-Salem? Learn how to identify the 4 most common threats to our city’s trees and what you can do to help protect them.
A tree with uneven, hacked-off branches illustrates the damage caused by tree topping.
Pruning and Trimming

5 Tree Topping Myths That Are Harming Your Trees

Don't chop off your trees' heads! Learn why tree topping is terrible for your trees' health and what to do instead. Call Godspeed Tree Service for proper tree pruning in Winston-Salem.
Godspeed PHC tech adding mulch on trees.
Tree Care Tips

Benefits of Using Organic Mulch for Your Trees

Organic mulch provides critical nutrients to your trees, improves soil health, and even prevents weeds, and that’s just the beginning.
Godspeed tree crew on a open crane ready to prune a tree.
Pruning and Trimming

7 Signs it’s Time to Prune Your Trees

You’re responsible for the safety of trees on your property so it’s important to recognize the signs that your trees need to be pruned (before someone gets hurt).
Trees with snow in North Carolina.
Seasonal Tips

Winter Tree Care Checklist for Winston-Salem Homeowners

Discover the critical winter tree care tasks that will protect and nurture your trees through the Piedmont Triad’s December to February chill.
Frost on trees in Winston Salem.
Seasonal Tips

Bracing for Winter: How Freezing Temperatures Affect Trees in Winston-Salem

Discover how Winston-Salem's trees stand against winter's deep freeze. From frost cracks to winter burn, learn expert tips from Godspeed Tree Service on protecting your green giants from the cold. Read on for arborist insights and recovery strategies!
Removed sections of tree trunk sit in a pile in front of the remaining portion of trunk.
Tree Removal

The Top Reasons To Remove a Tree

Discover the top reasons to remove a tree in North Carolina. From safety concerns to property damage prevention, don't miss out on this must-read article.
Snow dusted branches with a few remaining brown leaves crisscross against a white winter sky.
Pruning and Trimming

Advantages of Winter Tree Pruning

Discover the advantages of winter tree pruning in Forsyth County! Uncover secrets for healthier, safer, and more beautiful trees!
A towering leafless tree reaches up toward the blue sky. Is this tree dead or dormant?
Tree Removal

Is My Tree Dead or Dormant? How to Tell the Difference

Discover the secret to distinguishing a deceased tree from a dormant one in North Carolina. Don't be fooled! Learn expert tips to save your landscape.
A small sapling grows alone in a grassy suburban yard with mature trees in the background.
Tree Care Tips

6 Tree Planting Tips for New Trees

There are several considerations you need to make to ensure tree planting success in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Get the tree planting tips you may not know.


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