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Get rid of those unsightly tree stumps once and for all!

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Ready to Remove Your Tree Stumps?

After a tree has been cut or felled, you’ll be left with a stump in the ground. There are plenty of reasons to remove a stump from your yard, but digging it out yourself is only possible if the stump is very small. The most effective way to remove a stump is to hire a professional stump grinding company with the right equipment for the job.

If you have an ugly tree stump taking up space in your yard, now is the time to get it removed.

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Why Stump Grinding?---

the problem with stumps

Tree stumps are more than just an eyesore. They can be a tripping hazard, especially for young children and the elderly, and large roots can damage your lawn mower and other equipment if they aren’t removed. Old, rotting stumps can attract insects and other pests to your yard, and they are a breeding ground for fungal diseases.

These are just some of the reasons to have your tree stump ground out:

Tree stumps can pose a safety hazard in your yard

Stumps block areas of your yard which could be used for planting new trees or other plants, putting in a play area, building a patio, etc.

Dead tree stumps attract termites and carpenter ants to your yard

As a stump rots, harmful fungi move in and can spread to nearby trees and plants

Tree stumps can resprout and grow into new trees over time, forcing you to remove the new growth


Looking for Professional STUMP GRINDING?

The Godspeed Tree Service stump removal professionals can permanently remove a stump and eliminate the risks that come with letting it sit on your property.

What to Expect---

When you hire Godspeed for Stump Grinding

Call Godspeed Tree Service for professional tree stump grinding services in the Winston-Salem area. We’ll come to your property to inspect the stumps and provide you with an estimate.

Our stump grinder is large enough to tackle any size stump, but small enough to fit through a gate to access almost any yard.

We use a stump grinder with a spinning carbide-tipped steel wheel. Once the stump grinder is in place, we move the wheel side to side and into the ground. The wheel spins, grinding the stump with each movement. We have the equipment, training, and expertise needed to completely remove the stump, making sure there’s no chance for regrowth.

Stump grinding leaves a lot of wood shavings, which we can leave for you to use, or you can choose to have us level the ground to the same elevation as the adjacent soil.


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I used them for stump grinding. The work was great and the price was as competitive as you can get. They also cleaned up afterwards. Bobby and his crew are great to work with. I will definitely use them again when needed.

Rob H.


The tree and limb removal, as well as stump grinding, were very well done. The team was very professional and completed the job in a timely manner. They took care of the grass, plants, and bushes. I highly recommend them.

Osvaldo D.


These guys are great workers. We had a big job, and they knocked it out in one day, including cleanup and stump removal. They are bonded, and we will definitely use their services again. If you want good, professional service, call Godspeed Tree Service!

Dennis D.

Stump Grinding---

Frequently Asked Questions

Stump grinding is one of the most common types of tree service in the Winston-Salem area. Stumps can be left standing after a tree removal, but this can lead to problems.

If you're thinking about stump grinding service, you probably have some questions about the timing, process, and more.

We always encourage our customers to learn what they can about proper stump grinding techniques before they hire a tree service company.

To help you understand the basics of stump grinding, we've put together answers to the questions we're most often asked. But if you have a different question, just give us a call!

Stump grinding is a mechanical process that uses a machine called a stump grinder that operates similarly to a wood chipper.

The stump grinder is run over the stump, chipping it into mulch-size pieces, obliterating the stump several inches below ground.

There are a few reason you may want to grind a stump:

  • Stumps can pose a tripping hazard
  • Stumps block areas that could be used for new planting
  • Dead tree stumps attract pests
  • A rotting stump can become diseased, which can spread to surrounding trees and plants

The time to grind a stump depends on several things, including the size of the stump and the type of tree stump it is - hardwood stumps take longer to grind than softwood.

Contact us for an assessment and we can provide you an estimate for time involved and price.

Stump grinders are very noisy - so noisy that stump grinder operators wear ear protection when using the grinders!

No. Stump grinding will leave a hole where the stump was, but this hole will be filled with the ground wood chips. You can remove these wood chips and fill the hole with soil as you see fit.

Stump grinding can send off bits of wood and buried rocks. While damage isn't typical, there is always a slight risk.

Grinding a stump yourself is an option; however, you should be sure to compare the cost of renting a stump grinder and any additional equipment you need to buy against the cost of hiring a professional stump grinding service.

It's also good to know that the work is very labor intensive. Make sure that isn't an issue for you.

Leftover grindings can be left in place, removed and used as mulch, or they can be hauled away.

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Give us a call or contact us online for a free stump grinding quote!

Whether you have a new stump from a recently removed tree or an old stump you've been mowing around for years, you can count on Godspeed Tree Service to completely eliminate it from your yard.