Tree Care Tips

In this section, you’ll find everything from the best trees for specific conditions to DIY tree care techniques, common tree problems in the Winston-Salem area, how to reduce tree hazards, and much more.

Godspeed PHC tech adding mulch on trees.
Tree Care Tips

Benefits of Using Organic Mulch for Your Trees

Organic mulch provides critical nutrients to your trees, improves soil health, and even prevents weeds, and that’s just the beginning.
A small sapling grows alone in a grassy suburban yard with mature trees in the background.
Tree Care Tips

6 Tree Planting Tips for New Trees

There are several considerations you need to make to ensure tree planting success in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Get the tree planting tips you may not know.
A large, brown, two-story brick home sits in a large yard on a sunny day with a red open house sign planted in front.
Tree Care Tips

How Trees Increase Property Value

When it's time to sell your home, trees can hurt or enhance the value. Learn how you can maximize the asking price of your Winston-Salem home with trees.


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