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What to Expect ---

Winston-Salem Tree Fertilization Services

Although soil quality is one of the most important factors affecting tree health, few tree or lawn service companies in the Winston-Salem area offer professional, effective fertilization and soil improvement services that are proven to improve tree health, vigor, and appearance. That's where Godspeed Tree Service comes in!

Fall Services to Improve Tree Health Before Winter Arrives

Fall is an ideal time to evaluate and remedy the quality and nutrient levels of soil on your property. Our Soil Management Service includes a thorough analysis, followed by fertilization and soil amendments to optimize nutrient availability, increase overall tree and shrub health, and boost plant resilience as winter approaches.

We also protect trees by spreading a thick layer of organic mulch to the dripline to help increase organic matter in the soil, regulate soil temperatures over the winter, and prevent frost heaving.

Seasonal Fertilization Programs

We are pleased to now offer a seasonal Tree Health Program that includes fertilization and soil management. When you subscribe to this program, you'll receive a customized Tree Health plan tailored specifically to meet your needs and the needs of your trees.

Your friendly Tree Health Specialist from Godspeed Tree Service will visit your property four times a year to evaluate and manage soil health and inspect your trees for pests, diseases, damage, and environmental factors that are affecting tree health and appearance. We'll take care of any and all problems covered under your program to ensure that your trees and shrubs look their best at all times!


In Need of Tree & Shrub Fertilization Service?

Call the Certified Arborists and Tree Health Specialists at Godspeed Tree Service for nutrient-boosting fertilization!

Why Do Trees Need Fertilization? ---

The Benefits of Tree Fertilization

Proper fertilization of your trees is something you might not think about when it comes to proper tree care. However, fertilizer can be a great addition to any tree care system. Here's why:

  • Increase Growth & Vigor

    Fertilization provides trees with the nutrients they need to properly grow and develop. This means stronger trees with faster and more attractive growth.

  • Improve Pest & Disease Resistance

    Well-fertilized trees are healthier and have higher energy reserves that can be used to resist attacks by pests.

  • Improve Soil Quality

    Organic soil amendments benefit not just your tree but surrounding trees and other plants as well by increasing the number and type of beneficial organisms in the soil.

  • Benefits for the Environment

    Healthy, fertilized trees reduce the risk of pests and diseases, which not only reduces the spread but also reduces the need for harmful chemicals that may be needed to treat these issues.

  • Enhanced Fruit Production

    Fertilized soil provides additional nutrients to fruit trees and allows them to convert more energy into fruit production.

Does YOUR Tree Need a Boost? ---

Signs Your Tree Needs Fertilization Services

  • Stunted or Slow Growth

    This can often be a sign of poor soil quality that could benefit from soil management services and fertilization.

  • Discolored Leaves

    Yellow leaves in spring or summer, or even leaves that don’t appear as green as they should be, are a sign of a nutrient deficiency that may benefit from fertilization.

  • Reduced Flowering or Fruiting

    Low flower or fruit production is another sign that your tree may need a fertilization treatment.

  • Early Leaf Drop

    Dropping leaves early can be a sign of nutrient deficiency. This can often be remedied with a fertilization treatment.

  • Thin Foliage or Tree Canopy

    Sparse or thin foliage can be a sign your tree is not getting enough nutrients and may benefit from fertilization.

Is it Nutrient Deficiency or Something Else?

It’s important to remember that these issues may be the result of a pest or disease issue. Contact Godspeed Tree Service for a full assessment to determine if your trees need fertilization or another type of treatment to remedy these issues.

What Godspeed Tree Service Customers Say About Our Fertilization Service ---

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They did a great job at a very reasonable price and left our yard looking tidy. These guys are friendly, hardworking and they know what they're doing. Their communication and punctuality is second to none. I wish everyone we work with could be like Godspeed Tree Service! Call these guys first - you probably won't want to use anyone else.

Matt B.


They did what they said they would do, when they said and did it for the quoted price. The area was kept clean as they worked. The work was done without damage to my property. They worked as a team.
I have never seen a company perform so efficiently. If I need tree service in the future, I will call Godspeed Tree Service.

James M.


The communication is excellent. The service is quick, professional and done correctly. They actually care and want to ensure you are happy with their service. They even follow up. The reviews came through for me. I would HIGHLY recommend Godspeed Tree Service! Thank you for providing a great experience!

Kristi O.

Tree Fertilization Services ---

Frequently Asked Questions

Tree and shrub fertilization is one of the most common types of tree service in the Winston-Salem area. Unfortunately, it's often done incorrectly and can lead to damaged, unhealthy trees.

If you're thinking about fertilizing your trees, you probably have some questions about the fertilizer type your tree needs, how to apply tree fertilizer, the amount of fertilizer you should use for your trees, and more.

We always encourage our customers to learn what they can about proper tree fertilization techniques before they hire a tree service company.

To help you understand the basics of tree fertilization, we've put together answers to the questions we're most often asked. But if you have a different question, just give us a call!

In urban and suburban areas, trees often need supplemental nutrients to keep them healthy. Fertilization can help provide the nutrients your tree may not be getting from unfertilized soil. Fertilization promotes root growth and increases your tree's resistance to pests and disease. Proper fertilization can also improve your tree's overall health.

The best time to fertilize a tree depends on both the type of tree and the climate. It's generally best to fertilize trees in the fall or early spring when the tree is in its dormant phase and not experiencing active growth.

You generally want to avoid summer or early fall fertilization as it may encourage excessive growth your tree is not prepared for, leading to tree damage.

Like so many other tree care questions, it depends. The type of fertilizer you should use for your trees depends on a few things such as tree type, overall health, and soil conditions.

In general, you want a slow-release fertilizer that contains a well-balanced blend of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. It's also important to select a fertilizer appropriate for the pH level of your soil.

The amount of fertilizer to use for your trees depends on the size and type of tree as well as the particular fertilizer blend you are using.

When applying fertilizer it's important to always follow the guidelines and the instructions listed on the package.

However, a professional tree service like Godspeed can provide you with a proper fertilization assessment. From there they can make recommendations based on soil quality and tree type, taking the guess work out of tree fertilization.

Yes, trees can be over-fertilized. Over-fertilization can lead to compromised root systems, excessive unwanted growth, and additional issues.

It's a good idea to have your soil tested periodically to ensure you're not applying too much fertilizer. Godspeed Tree Service can test your soil for you and provide recommendations for fertilization and continued tree health management techniques.

Frequency of tree fertilization depends on the type of tree, its size, and other factors like soil condition and pH.

It's important to monitor the health of your trees and then adjust the fertilization schedule as necessary.

We offer a seasonal program that includes a site visit four times a year to evaluate your trees and manage soil issues to improve tree health. Call us at 336-399-8348 if you'd like to learn more!

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While Godspeed Tree Service provides quality tree care throughout the Winston-Salem area, our Certified Arborists can most often be found working in the southern parts of the region, including -



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