Tree Removal

There are many reasons to remove a tree, as well as reasons not to cut a tree down. See the Godspeed Tree Service team in action as we demolish even the largest and most dangerous trees around Winston-Salem, discover how we do it, and learn whether your tree is safe to leave or is a candidate for removal.

The Godspeed Tree Service crew uses a Tree-Mek grapple saw remote-controlled crane during a tree removal on a Winston-Salem property.
Tree Removal

Why Use a Robotic Crane for Tree Work?

Using a remote control crane for tree removals is one of the most high-tech, efficient removal methods used in tree care today, especially for large or dangerous tree removals.
A stump grinder is used to remove stump, or stump grinding, in Winston-Salem property.
Tree Removal

What is Stump Grinding (and Do You Need It?)

What exactly is "stump grinding"? Do you need it? How does it work? When should you have it done? Get answers to those questions and more in this FAQ article!
A Godspeed Tree Service crew member stands atop a tree during a tree removal in the Winston-Salem area.
Tree Removal

Preparing Your Property for a Successful Tree Removal

There are four things you can do to make sure your tree removal is a success: evaluation, protection, staging, and notification. Follow these four steps and you'll have a successful tree removal in the Winston-Salem area.


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