Pests & Diseases

Our area is home to a number of damaging insects, tree pests, and diseases that injure, deform, and kill trees. Learn about the common tree problems, what to look out for, the trees that are typically affected, and available treatment or control options.

Close-up of an emerald ash borer climbing the bark of a Winston-Salem ash tree.
Pests & Diseases

5 Common Insect Pests Killing Winston-Salem Trees

Don’t let bugs destroy Winston-Salem’s trees! This guide identifies common insect pests damaging trees in our area, like emerald ash borer and spongy moth, how to recognize signs of infestation, and what you can do to protect or treat your trees.
Close-up of a leaf showing signs of tree disease.
Pests & Diseases

Winston-Salem’s Tree Troubles: A Guide to the 4 Most Common Fatal Tree Diseases

Worried about fatal tree diseases in Winston-Salem? Learn how to identify the 4 most common threats to our city’s trees and what you can do to help protect them.


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