Insect & Disease Management

Prevent tree health problems before they start · Control insect pests and diseases with targeted treatments

Are your trees safe? ---

Protect Your Trees From Pests & Diseases

Godspeed Tree Service understands that your trees are important to you and that pests and diseases are not only annoying, but they hurt the look of your property and can present a safety hazard to people, pets, and surrounding structures.

Insect pests and fungal or bacterial diseases can compromise the health and safety of your trees if not properly treated. It’s important to address tree health issues quickly and put safeguards in place to protect against insect infestations and disease infections.

Let Godspeed Tree Service protect you from:

  • Weakened limbs and branches that could fall on structures and people
  • Tree diseases that can spread
  • Insect infestations and the chemicals potentially needed to treat them

What to Look For ---

Signs of Tree Pests & Diseases

Your trees will often let you know if there is a problem. Don't ignore these common signs of tree pests and diseases:

  • Leaf damage, such as spots, premature yellowing, or wilting
  • Bark damage, such as oozing wounds, cracks, and holes from burrowing insects
  • Discoloration of leaves or bark
  • A high number of insects visible in the canopy or on the bark
  • Fungal growth on the tree or around its base
  • Dead, dying, or defoliated branches
  • Stunted or reduced growth

Infestations & Diseases may be caused by nutrient deficiencies & tree stress

Pest and disease issues often happen because the tree is stressed by poor environmental conditions, making it more vulnerable to insect pests and lethal diseases. Contact Godspeed Tree Service for a full assessment to determine if your trees need fertilization to keep them healthy.

Sick Trees? ---

We Prevent & Treat insect & Disease problems

With so many different problems affecting trees in the Triad, it's important to have them inspected and treated by an experienced Tree Health Specialist who can diagnose the issue correctly and apply the right preventive or treatment application.

  • Common Insect Pests in Winston-Salem

    Major pests in our area include:

    • spotted lantern fly
    • emerald ash borer
    • whitefly
    • mites
    • scale insects
    • mealybugs
    • soft scales
    • palm weevils
    • a wide variety of borers
    • thrips
    • leaf-feeding caterpillars
    • bark beetles
    • hemlock wooly adelgid
  • Fungal & Bacterial Diseases

    Trees in the Winston-Salem area are often infected with these diseases:

    • apple scab
    • bacterial leaf scorch
    • Dutch elm disease
    • anthracnose (particularly on dogwoods)
    • diplodia tip blight on conifers
    • Oak wilt
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White soft scale on a tree branch against a green leafy background.

Looking for Professional Insect & Disease Management?

Call the Certified Arborists at Godspeed Tree Service to keep your trees healthy and pest free!

What to Expect ---

When you hire Godspeed for Insect & Disease Management

When you hire Godspeed Tree Service to evaluate or treat your trees for pests and diseases, you can expect:

  • A thorough assessment of your tree, the surrounding landscape and environment, and any visible insects or signs of disease
  • A clear explanation of the recommended treatment, whether that's a preventive application or a treatment to control an existing problem
  • Quality service from local Tree Health experts

We offer a range of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) services that include both soil treatments and trunk injections. This is primarily for conifers and to prepare “at risk” deciduous trees for the spring.

We also offer a customized seasonal IPM program where we come out four times a year to manage any soil issues, inspect your trees, and apply any necessary treatments to keep your trees healthy.

Don’t wait for your trees to begin showing symptoms of insect infestations or lethal diseases before doing something about it. Call the certified arborists from Godspeed Tree Service today!

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Awesome, Best Service, True Professionals


Godspeed has been and will be my go to arborist. The quality of work, attention to detail and the above and beyond sets this group apart from any service I used in the past. I cannot give them enough praise!

Jeremy M.


These people are awesome. Fair price, cheerful attitude (especially in 95 degree heat) and true professionalism all around. I am a realtor and have used a lot of different tree services until I found Bobby Gates at Godspeed. I have been using him ever since then, probably 6-7 years now. I would not use anyone else.



This was the second time I used Godspeed and once again Bobby and his crew did another great job! He and his crew are very professional and friendly. I once again high recommend them if you have tree care issues you need resolved!

John P.

Tree Health Management Services ---

Frequently Asked Questions

Treatment and prevention of insects, pests, and diseases is a common type of tree service in the Winston-Salem area and one you don't want to neglect. Most homeowners don't think about pest and disease management until they realize their tree is sick - and by then it might be too late. Fortunately, a certified arborist can inspect your trees for pests and diseases to diagnose problems early or recommend safeguards that will help you avoid insect infestations and disease problems.

If you're thinking about tree health management, you probably have some questions about the process and what's involved.

We always encourage our customers to learn what they can about proper pest and disease management strategies and techniques before they hire a tree service company.

To help you understand the basics of tree pest and disease management, we've put together answers to the questions we're most often asked. But if you have a different question, just give us a call!

There are many tree pests and diseases in North Carolina and the Winston-Salem area in particular.

Some diseases include brown spot, hypoderma needle cast, anthracnose, leaf blister, and many more.

Common pests in the Winston-Salem area include spongy moth caterpillars, bagworms, emerald ash borer, the pales weevil, and many more. 

Keeping your trees healthy with proper watering and fertilization goes a long way to help prevent tree pests and diseases from getting established.

Regular monitoring by a certified arborist can also help you identify potential problems early and head them off before they seriously affect your tree (or even spread to neighboring trees). 

For natural prevention and treatment of tree pests and diseases you can use neem oil or insecticidal soap for insects. Copper or sulfur sprays are generally good for battling fungi.

A great bio-control is to introduce beneficial insects like praying mantids, ladybugs, and lacewings which all prey on insect pests.

The key with all of these methods is to apply the treatment (or introduce the beneficial insects) at the right time and in the right quantity. Doing it too early or too late makes the treatment ineffective and wastes your money.

If caught early and properly treated, some tree diseases can be cured. However, it can be difficult to cure a tree disease once it is established.

That's what makes taking preventative measures outlined in a plant health management plan crucial to keeping trees disease-free.

If the problem is severe or widespread, if you aren't sure what the problem is (it's not always easy to diagnose a disease or identify an insect pest!), or if you don't know what treatment to use or how best to apply it, it's time to call in a certified arborist to help you manage your trees for pests and disease.

Godspeed Tree Service has a certified arborist on staff to help identify insect pests and tree diseases as well as provide recommendations for the management of tree pest and disease problems. Call us if you'd like some help.


Give us a call or contact us online for a free tree health management quote!

Whether you'd like an assessment of your tree's health, information about our fertilization services, or to set up a seasonal Tree Health Program, you can count on Godspeed Tree Service to give you a complete answer, a reasonable price, and a high quality service.