Preparing Your Property for a Successful Tree Removal

February 27, 2023

There are four things you can do to make sure your tree removal is a success: evaluation, protection, staging, and notification. Follow these four steps and you'll have a successful tree removal in the Winston-Salem area.

Proper preparation is critical for safe and efficient tree removal. Whether you plan to take on the job yourself or use a tree service in the Winston-Salem area, proper preparation will assure the job goes smoothly.

For your convenience, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of tips to prepare for tree removal. You should also check your state regulations before you begin a tree removal.

1. Tree Evaluation

A complete evaluation is the first step in assuring a successful tree removal, and skipping this step could put everyone in danger. What do you need to evaluate before a tree removal?

Consider the following when evaluating your tree:

  • The size of the tree
  • The species of tree
  • Is the tree alive or dead? (More often than not, dead trees are dangerous to remove)
  • Is the tree damaged or structurally unsound?
  • Are there utility lines in the area? If so, call the utility company to see if cutting power or removing lines is necessary before the tree is removed.
  • Is the tree-fall area clear of structures, people, and cars?
  • Is it your tree? Check to make sure you’re not cutting down your neighbor’s tree or a tree that belongs to the city or town you live in.
  • Do you need a permit to cut down the tree? In North Carolina, you may need a tree removal permit depending on the type and size of the tree to be removed.

Outdoor furniture, grill, and potted plants on a patio near several trees on a Winston-Salem property.

2. Make Sure Everything Around the Tree is Protected

After your tree has been fully evaluated, it’s time to make sure everything around the tree is protected. Without proper protection, falling limbs or heavy equipment could damage your property.

Consider the following items to either protect or remove:

  • Trees, shrubs, and potted plants in the area
  • Fences, arbors, and similar structures
  • Paved areas such as patios or paths
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Your neighbor’s property and trees
  • Pets and people
  • Nesting birds
  • Utility lines

It is a good rule of thumb to protect or remove anything you don’t want to lose. This includes people. A falling limb can cause damage, severe injury, or even death!
The Godspeed Tree Service ground crew runs tree branches through a chipper, creating green waste and mulch.

3. Plan a Staging Area for Tree Removal

It’s difficult for most people to imagine just how much room a tree will take up when it’s finally cut and laying on the ground. They are bigger than you think!

And it is not just the tree itself. You will need to consider the space for transporting pieces of the tree to the chipper, parking various trucks and equipment, and the ground area for the ground crew to work.

Safe and efficient tree removal requires large equipment. These are a few of the pieces of heavy equipment you can expect to see on a tree removal job:

  • Bucket truck or crane
  • Woodchipper for mulch/green waste
  • Stump grinder
  • Crew vehicles for transport, safety gear storage, and tools

For safety and efficiency, it’s important to allow this heavy equipment to be as close to the tree as possible. This means having them on the street, your driveway, and even your lawn. The woodchipper should be close enough for efficient transport of limbs and debris while still allowing the crew enough room to operate the machine safely.
A variety of Godspeed Tree Service vehicles and equipment ready for a tree removal on a Winston-Salem area property.

4. Inform Your Neighbors

It’s important to notify the people living around you that you’re removing a tree. Adequate notice ahead of the job is especially important as the noise and general disruption can negatively affect people, some more than others.

Be sure to give your neighbors plenty of notice, especially if the following apply:

  • The tree being removed encroaches on their property.
  • Their trees are at risk of being damaged during the tree work.
  • Crews need access to your neighbor’s property to perform work or clean up waste.
  • The crew vehicles or equipment will need to occupy community parking spaces or other shared areas.

A member of the Godspeed Tree Service ground crew moves debris from a tree removal to the chipper.

Need Help with Your Tree Removal?

Tree removal is not a simple undertaking. We recommend you use a fully insured, experienced tree removal service like Godspeed Tree Service, Inc. Our professional team can assess the job beforehand and help provide recommendations for developing a plan for staging and work areas.

Godspeed Tree Service is an excellent choice for tree removal in the Winston-Salem area. Contact us for a free quote and to schedule your tree removal.


Godspeed Tree Service

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