Why Use a Robotic Crane for Tree Work?

April 30, 2023

Using a remote control crane for tree removals is one of the most high-tech, efficient removal methods used in tree

Have you heard of a remote control crane for tree removal? Using a remote control crane for tree removals is one of the most high-tech, efficient removal methods used in tree care today, especially for large or dangerous tree removals. But these types of cranes are not only for removing trees; many types of tree service work can be done with these incredible pieces of heavy equipment.

When used on the right tree work job, remote control cranes have three main advantages:

  • Efficiency
  • Effectiveness
  • Safety

Read on to learn more about state-of-the-art robotic, remote-controlled crane used by Godspeed Tree Service in the Winston-Salem, NC area. And if you have a chance, come watch us in action with our state-of-the-art Tree-Mek crane!

The Godspeed Tree Service crew using both a spider lift and a grapple saw remote-controlled crane during a tree removal on a Winston-Salem property.

What are Robotic Tree Service Cranes?

Cranes used in tree service work in the Winston-Salem area are not the same cranes you see on a construction site. The cranes used in tree care are versatile and make the job more efficient, effective, and safer. Cranes are one of the best pieces of equipment a tree care company can use.

Unlike traditional cranes, the cranes used in tree work have various tools depending on the task. A standard robotic crane has a tool called a “grapple” or “grabber” that has fingerlike tools on the end used for, you guessed it, grabbing.

These mechanized cranes or “Tree-Meks” are remote-controlled and can be used for a variety of tasks. They can quickly grab and remove debris, feed large trunks into woodchippers, and secure large cut sections of the tree high above the ground, eliminating the need for dropping these sections.

Cranes make tree work safer, faster, more efficient, and lower the risk of damage overall.

What are the Benefits of a Remote Control Crane for Tree Removal or Pruning & Trimming?

Robotic cranes are particularly beneficial in the following trimming, pruning, and tree removal scenarios:

  • Extremely large or tall trees
  • Dead or dying trees
  • Storm-damaged trees
  • Trees near power lines
  • Trees growing in confined spaces
  • Loading large pieces of a tree for removal rather than chipping

Godspeed Tree Service's grapple saw remote-controlled crane when not in use.

When is a Robotic, Remote Control Crane Not the Ideal Piece of Equipment?

There are some scenarios, such as removing small trees, that make a remote-controlled crane unnecessary. For other jobs, a piece of equipment such as a grapple saw or a different type of tree crane may be more appropriate. However, there are other factors that make a remote-controlled-crane tree removal or pruning a bad choice and this has to do with the crew using it.

If tree companies aren’t providing proper training, a once useful tool becomes a liability. Without proper training, a crane could cause damage, tip over if not balanced correctly, or result in severe injury to the workers or other people nearby.

Make sure the tree service company you use is transparent about keeping their technicians properly trained with the most up-to-date methods and information.
On the left, a Godspeed Tree crane removes a section of a tree by lifting it over a house. On the right, the Godspeed remote-controlled crane is used on a Winston-Salem property for tree care services.

Wondering If a Remote Control Crane Would Be Useful for Your Tree Work?

If you have a large tree that needs to be removed or pruned, the Godspeed Tree Service crew is trained and highly skilled in remote-controlled crane operation. You’ll be amazed at how quickly and efficiently our pros use this high-tech piece of equipment to get the job done. And you’ll probably wonder how a tree care company could operate without one!

Godspeed Tree Service uses a variety of tree removal equipment, including several cranes, for tree removals and other tree services. Our crews are experienced and fully trained in the use of all of our vehicles and tree care equipment.

Even if your tree service needs don’t require a crane, contact us for a free quote and let Godspeed get the job done safely, quickly, and cleanly – no matter the size.


Godspeed Tree Service

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