The Risks of a Leaning Tree on Your Property

November 29, 2022

A leaning tree can be a major risk, even if it's not located near any structures. Discover what makes leaning trees dangerous and when it may be okay to leave them standing.

If you’ve noticed a leaning tree on your property, you need to call a tree removal company immediately. A tree that is increasingly leaning each day is a major risk, even if it’s not located near any structures. But what about a tree that’s been leaning for years? Does the leaning indicate something is wrong? It can, and a qualified tree removal company needs to evaluate that tree to find out why it’s leaning. Not every tree you find is going to grow straight up, of course, but there’s a point when a leaning tree becomes dangerous to your property as well as to people.

A Leaning Tree May Indicate Unstable Soil

Trees can lean for a number of reasons. One big one is that the soil has become unstable and is no longer holding the tree’s roots down. That poses an immediate danger to anyone and anything near the tree. If the tree in question has been leaning for a while, don’t assume that the soil is stable and that something else is going on. You could have just been lucky so far. And it doesn’t matter if the tree is otherwise healthy. According to Forbes, even healthy trees need to be removed if they’re leaning more than 15 degrees off a straight vertical line.

It’s also possible that the roots themselves are damaged, and that the tree can no longer support itself. While the actual cause of the leaning is different, the result is the same. The tree is at risk of collapsing. You’ll need to have a tree removal company take a look.

A large oak tree leaning left at a forty-five degree angle in a residential yard with branches nearly touching the ground.

A Leaning Tree May Be Dead or Damaged

Sometimes the problem isn’t in the roots or soil but in the trunk. A tree that was damaged, such as in a strong windstorm or tornado, could have trunk fractures that are now beginning to elongate and cause the tree to lean. Dead trees are often hollow inside due to rotting, and the exterior is near collapse when it starts to lean. All trees like this have to be removed.

What To Do

Just because the tree has been leaning for a long time without doing anything doesn’t mean it’s safe and can be left alone. Have a tree removal company evaluate it and then remove it if necessary. Contact Godspeed Tree Service Inc today to get started.


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