Pruning and Trimming

A tree with uneven, hacked-off branches illustrates the damage caused by tree topping.
Pruning and Trimming

5 Tree Topping Myths That Are Harming Your Trees

Don't chop off your trees' heads! Learn why tree topping is terrible for your trees' health and what to do instead. Call Godspeed Tree Service for proper tree pruning in Winston-Salem.
Godspeed tree crew on a open crane ready to prune a tree.
Pruning and Trimming

7 Signs it’s Time to Prune Your Trees

You’re responsible for the safety of trees on your property so it’s important to recognize the signs that your trees need to be pruned (before someone gets hurt).
Snow dusted branches with a few remaining brown leaves crisscross against a white winter sky.
Pruning and Trimming

Advantages of Winter Tree Pruning

Discover the advantages of winter tree pruning in Forsyth County! Uncover secrets for healthier, safer, and more beautiful trees!


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