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Lot clearing is a common solution for properties undergoing a transformation. The process consists of clearing trees and shrubs from a plot of land to make way for new construction, renovations, or a lawn expansion. So, what else is involved in lot clearing? Read on to find out the details and why only a certified arborist is qualified to perform this kind of work.






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site preparation

A time-consuming, labor-intensive process, this arboricultural service requires specific equipment. The size of the job depends on the size of the lot, its soil, and any surrounding structures that might interfere. Site preparation sets the stage for lot clearing and, to be done safely, requires the work of a certified arborist.

tree removal

Trees should always be removed selectively. Godspeed Tree Service works with you to decide which trees to leave on your site to maintain the natural beauty of your property. However, if you choose to have your lot cleared, we will safely remove them. We are also careful to remove any leftover debris, leaving minimal damage to your property.

stump grinding & removal

If trees are removed as part of the clearing process, stumps are either ground down to the level of the soil or removed from your ground completely. This is another job best left to a professional. Stump grinding and removal involve working around underground wires, pipes, gas lines, underground dog fences, and irrigation lines on your property. 

right of way clearances

Right-of-way clearing makes room for utility trucks and maintenance equipment to get to your site. The process is also important for clearing and pruning growth away from utility lines, gas pipelines, and cables.

The Godspeed Tree Service crew uses a Tree-Mek grapple saw remote-controlled crane during a tree removal on a Winston-Salem property.

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Call Godspeed Tree Service for professional lot and land clearing service in the Winston-Salem area. We’ll come out to your property for an assessment and provide you with an estimate.

No matter the size of the property you need cleared, Godspeed Tree Service guarantee's your satisfaction. We deliver timely, high-quality service with professionalism and a friendly attitude.




Lot Clearing---

Frequently Asked Questions

Lot clearing is one of the most labor intensive and complicated of all the tree service in the Winston-Salem area. It's not a service most people could, or would want, to take on themselves.

If you're thinking about lot and land clearing, you probably have some questions about the timing, process, and more.

We always encourage our customers to learn what they can about lot and land clearing before they hire a tree service company.

To help you understand the basics of lot and land, we've put together answers to the questions we're most often asked. But if you have a different question, just give us a call!

Lot clearing is the process of removing trees, shrubs, and other plants from a property - usually in preparation for building or development.

There are a number of reasons people choose to hire a professional tree service to clear lots and land. These include:

  • Removing trees or vegetation that are in the way of construction or land development
  • To create a level building site
  • To improve a property's appearance
  • Reduction of fire risk

Lot and land clearing is an involved process with several steps. These can include:

  • Assessing property to verify what trees and vegetation need to be removed
  • Obtaining permits and approvals
  • Marking trees and other vegetation to be removed
  • Cutting down the trees and vegetation
  • Removing stumps and roots
  • Hauling away debris

The type of equipment will depend on the the job, but lot and land clearing requires a variety of equipment including:

  • chainsaws
  • handsaws
  • bulldozers
  • excavators
  • backhoes
  • cranes
  • woodchippers
  • stump grinders
  • trucks

Yes. Lot and land clearing can be dangerous, especially if proper safety precautions aren't taken.

Professional tree service technicians need to be properly trained in the methods and equipment used in land and lot clearing.

Godspeed Tree Service values safety and our technicians are regularly trained on the latest information and techniques.

The cost for lot and land clearing will vary. There are several factors to be considered including size of the job, how much vegetation will need to be removed, and the equipment necessary to complete the job.

Godspeed Tree Service will be happy to help you determine the cost with a free lot and land clearing assessment.

What Godspeed Tree Service Customers Say About Our Service ---

Fast, Friendly, Courteous


Godspeed was very respectful, professional and courteous. They arrived and moved items out of potential harms way and offered to put them back when they finished. They cleaned up after the job was done and made it look better than when they arrived.

Brian W.


I'm so beyond grateful to this company and the man behind it all for the amazing work. Truly a humble human being. In no time I got a quote and scheduled. The work was more than anyone can ask for...You can't ask for anything more. Grateful beyond words and so happy I had to come on here and let y'all know this is the kind of business you want to be behind.

Sam M.


Godspeed Tree service took down two Bradford pear trees, ground the stumps and roots, flattened the yard, added topsoil and replanted grass all for a price cheaper that we were quoted just for trimming. Fast, professional and friendly service. 10/10 use them for any tree service!

David T.

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